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Koevermans and Frings have played regularly for Toronto since joining the club in late July, but the Reds are in last place in the Eastern Conference.

Rost has played three and a half games for New York, but has not seen the field since August 6 because of a quadriceps injury.

The Major League Soccer Players Union has released its latest round of player salary figures.

Since that May release, there has been a net addition of four players who make more than $500,000 in guaranteed compensation.

That figure comes from five players who have joined the league and one who left.

UPDATE: The Union announced the Tait signing this afternoon. Now for some league-wide numbers that you might be interested to know. Here they are: David Beckham, Los Angeles: $5,500,000.08 / $6,500,000.04Thierry Henry, New York: $5,000,000.04 / $5,600,000.04Rafael Márquez, New York: $4,600,000.00 / $4,600,000.00Robbie Keane, Los Angeles: $2,917,241.40 / $3,417,243.15 Landon Donovan, Los Angeles: $2,300,000.00 / $2,300,000.00Julian de Guzman, Toronto: $1,863,996.00 / $1,910,746.00Danny Koevermans, Toronto FC: $999,996.00 / $1,413,319.33Juan Pablo Ángel, Chivas USA: $1,000,000.00 / $1,250,000.00 Torsten Frings, Toronto FC: $699,996.00 / $1,113,662.67Eric Hassli, Vancouver: $660,000.00 / $900,000.00David Ferreira, FC Dallas: $600,000.00 / $705,000.00Fredy Montero, Seattle: $500,000.00 / $656,000.00 Andres Mendoza, Columbus: $500,000.00 / $595,000.00Frank Rost, New York: $545,460.00 / $545,460.00Branko Bošković, D. United: $389,166.67 / $525,366.67Shalrie Joseph, New England: $475,000.00 / $500,000.00 At the bottom of the ladder, a total of eight players are making the minimum listed salary: $32,600.

Across the league, the total base salary figure for all players combined is $74,991,075.63. The only one you might have heard of is Chicago's Orr Barouch, who played the second half of the Fire's game at PPL Park back in May.

The Twitter hawks among you probably already knew of Tait's existence, but I don't recall ever seeing anywhere an official statement that Tait was signed. There are a total of 17 players making $500,000 or more in guaranteed compensation.

It must have happened at some point, though, or else he wouldn't be in the players union. Most of the names on the list won't surprise you, but perhaps a few will.

The player who left is former Mexican national team starlet Nery Castillo, who had been on the Chicago Fire's payroll in 2010 as a Designated Player.

He departed Chicago back in January, so his salary probably shouldn't have been in the May figures, but for some reason it was there anyway.

Technically, if you apply the entire "buying down" maximum to Adu's base salary, you get under 5,000. But if you go from the guaranteed compensation figure, the net figure is 4,884. MLS' salary rules are pretty murky, but I would guess from the MLSPU's description that base salary is the figure that's used in salary cap calculations.

In addition to Adu's pay figures, it's also worth noting that we now know Veljko Paunović's salary: ,000, both as base and as guaranteed compensation.

What's the difference between base salary and guaranteed compensation?

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