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Incorporating painting, installation, sculpture, video, performance, and public art, Oh works seamlessly across media.

In partnership with the Walters Estate, Starkwhite will present pioneer abstract artist Gordon Walters at the Auckland Art Fair from 23 – and at the gallery from 29 May to 16 June.

Gordon Walters (1919-1995) is best known for his paintings employing the koru, the curving bulb form from Maori moko and kowhaiwhai rafter patterns.

This was a new movement, playing with and disrupting Western traditions as it filtered through a Korean cultural lens.

A vital distinction from the logic and mathematically aligned Western movements was that Tansaekhwa focused on the meditative aspect of creating art, an approach of growth and layering rather than ‘emptiness’.

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26 June – 28 July, 2018Seung Yul Oh is well known for whimsical art works that toy with scale and exist somewhere between spectacle and participation.

Intriguingly the artist also sees his colour selections as creating time and space.

Juxtaposing unusual combinations and tonal contrasts, he calculates their effects, “trying to reach a place of time through colour.” Some colours allow time to linger longer or deeper.

Although reminiscent of Western minimalism and abstraction, his non-figurative work with its emphasis on process and materials owes something to the post-war Korean tradition of Tansaekhwa (Dansaekhwa).

The term, meaning literally ‘monochrome painting’, appeared in the 1970s to describe work that shared a sparse palette and an innovative approach to process.

I may simply feel more with certain colours, remembering a moment or connecting to other unknown time.”Oh has played with the disorientation of space before.

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