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Read More is a online dating site that you can looking for equestrian dating & friendship?

Equine Online Dating is a great way of finding single horse lovers and equestrian friends worldwide.

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I have been divorced twice which was a difficult time for me as it was out of my control but i left them.

I love my food, all food even if it isn't good for me, however i have a personal nutritionist that controls my diet and keeps my weight under control.

Luckily I am no longer ridden so potential boyfriend must not leave the field at any time, even if I tell you to get away from me, I want you to go less then 15 meters as I am a fragile sort.

Showing my softer side I own these photos FYI Gelding 1 would probably be struck off any dating sites for sexual harassment.

Equestriansingledating is now the most recognized dating service worldwide.

Our website redefines the way single cowboys and single cowgirls meet, chat, date, and fall in love, proving that you can make love happen through online dating and that lasting relationships are possible.other days I very much need "me" time, the perfect opportunity for you to go out with friends!Very pretty, I have been told many times by different people who lovely I am to look at, In winter I am more of a brunette, in summer I am a beautiful Mahogany color.I do have a thang for older, strong, wise ladies that are interdependent and have strength of character.I have a statement mustache which i will not shave off for anyone, its a big part of my face and i feel very strongly about keeping it.About me- I enjoy long lazy days in the field, I like my own company and have many companions non of which i find partially interesting.

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