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If there is a shutdown, the commissaries forced to close will follow an orderly procedure to allow store staffs to reduce stocks of perishables, safeguard equipment and facilities, and make other necessary preparations, he said. They won’t close, because they don’t rely on taxpayer dollars.

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In May 2002, draft agreement on the procurement of 24 Gripen tactical supersonic aircraft was submitted.

The draft agreement was approved by the Government.

In 1993, Mi G-29 supersonic fighter aircraft were decommissioned from the inventory of the Czech Armed Forces.

In 1995, the Chamber of Deputies of the Czech Republic Parliament resolved upon modernizing the Mi G-21 aircraft being ineffective.

The Czech military leased 14 supersonic JAS-39 Gripen fighters made by the BAE Systems-SAAB consortium, from the Swedish government.

With that contract due to expire in 2015, speculation mounted about whether that leasing agreement will be renewed or another type of fighter plane chosen.For example, Army and Air Force Exchange Service officials already are working up emergency orders for key items such as diapers, bread, milk and frozen food, and working with distributors to speed up those deliveries for early next week, AAFES spokesman Chris Ward said. Based on past experience, the Department of Defense Education Activity is planning that their 166 Do D schools overseas and stateside, and eight district offices around the world, would be allowed to continue to operate, Do DEA spokesman Frank O’Gara said. These 0,000 payments might not be made immediately to the designated survivor of a service member who dies on active duty.When those payments went unmade in 2013, the Fisher House Foundation stepped in to fill the gap.Defense Department officials set those ground rules; the current guidelines weren’t immediately available.“Do D’s foremost need is to receive an enacted appropriation for fiscal year 2018 as soon as possible,” Do D spokesman Army Maj. “We are hopeful that there is enough time for Congress to prevent a lapse in appropriations.That covered mess halls, physical training and child care activities required for readiness. In the past, MWR activities that are funded entirely by nonappropriated funds, not by taxpayer dollars, weren’t affected by the shutdown.

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