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Also, by targeting Internet Explorer 8—and IE8’s Compatibility View—Enterprise Mode also provides some benefit for sites designed for even older versions, such as Internet Explorer 7.This is emulation, not virtualization; Enterprise Mode provides a better emulation of IE8 within IE11, while avoiding many performance, security, and other problems associated with running older Internet Explorer 8 binaries. Louis, Enterprise Center is one of the finest sports and entertainment complexes in the country.

Microsoft is taking an important step towards helping businesses stay up to date with the latest software, services, and devices.

Enterprise Mode for Internet Explorer 11, announced today as an update for Windows 7 and Windows 8.1, provides better compatibility for older versions of Internet Explorer and tools to manage which Web apps use it.

Enterprise Mode Site List Manager, showing CRM and ERP systems with new (Default) and legacy (Enterprise) paths.

Two registry keys, which can be set via new Group Policies, enable/disable Enterprise Mode and provide a local link or URL path to the XML list.

Internet Explorer 11 provides increased performance, improved security, and support for the modern technologies like HTML5 and CSS3 that power today’s Web sites and services.

By adding better backward compatibility with Enterprise Mode, Internet Explorer 11 now helps customers stay up to date with the latest browser—and facilitates using the latest software, services, and devices.

This effectively helps customers crowd-source lists of compatible Web apps from their own users, which may decrease triage and testing costs.

To learn more about Enterprise Mode for Internet Explorer 11, visit the Internet Explorer Tech Net site and view the Build session, Better App Compat with Enterprise Mode for Internet Explorer 11.

Internet Explorer provides a seamless browsing experience, so users don’t have to worry about which browser to use for which sites.

Corporate IT controls which sites and paths are rendered in Enterprise Mode via a centrally-managed XML list or group of lists.

Businesses can benefit from the modern Web standards, better performance, and increased security of our latest browser, while extending existing investments in legacy Web apps.

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