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One advantage that Canadian merchants enjoy is that the Canadian government has issued an official Code of Conduct for the Credit and Debit Card Industry in Canada, which aims to protect businesses from some of the more unscrupulous practices that are common within the credit card processing industry.Although it isn’t legally binding, Moneris has pledged to abide by the Code and provides a Code of Conduct Complaints Resolution page on their website where merchants can file complaints.Nonetheless, we’re still concerned about the company’s early termination fees, automatically renewing contracts, and reputation for poor customer service.

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They’re a decent choice for a mid-sized or larger Canadian business.

However, you’ll certainly want to negotiate the best rates and terms you can get and review your contract thoroughly before you sign up.

Naturally, we’ve seen a significant drop in the overall number of complaints against the company, although many older complaints are still posted online.

Moneris also seems to have dropped the liquidated damages clause from its contracts, which previously was one of our biggest criticisms of the company.

As used in the Agreement, “Term” means the Initial Term and any subsequent Renewal Terms.

While three years is the industry standard for an initial merchant account contract, the automatic renewal period of only six months is shorter than most providers will offer you.Major provisions of the Code include the following: Despite this commitment, Moneris discloses very little specific information about rates or fees on their website, so you’ll have to obtain a quote from them to get an idea of what your costs will look like.They do provide an Interchange FAQ, but that’s about it.You can check out their full range of hardware products at Shop Here’s a rundown of the company’s primary offerings: In addition to these basic services, you’ll also find online reporting via the company’s Merchant Direct website and a developer portal where you can access API SDKs and software documentation.Like many other providers, Moneris appears to offer a combination of interchange-plus and tiered pricing plans.

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