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I am using i Keyman for Sametime/Connections and the tools provided by Domino all the time, but this is explicitly to describe the process of using already bought wildcard certificates used by other parts of your organisation and extending the use of them to also include Domino servers, instead of having to request a new wildcard certificate just for Domino and paying the certificate authority one more time.

Of course you must follow the agreement made on how many servers you can use the certificate for, but still it gives you the option of not paying more than one time and include your Domino servers in the same package. opendocument&comments and the comments as well as discussion on notesnet An exported P12/PFX file from in my case IIS, containing the wildcard certificate private key as well as the certification path to it, more on this later on.

This is not documented here, but I could do it if it is still interesting after this Poodle issue. OK here we go, Instead of creating a kyr file directly under Windows XP I first created a CMS – kbd file with the GSK kit provided by IBM HTTP servers, that I had on another server.

Then I copied the kbd file into Windows XP and GKS kit version 5 and opened it there and saved as kyr file and then proceeded to: 1.

Copy the kyr file to your data directory on the notes client Link directly to this document:

Braun, SPX, Henkel, The NBA(National Basketball Association), Automated Financial Systems (AFS), The Hartford Insurance at Planco Financial, The U. , Team Studio Build Manager 8.0.4, Team Studio Template Registryv1.1.9, ITIM (Tivoli Identity Manager), Proofpoint Protection Services, EOP: (Exchange Online Protection), FOPE: (Forefront Online Protection for Exchange), Mail Marshal, Cisco Ironport/M670 Content Security Management Appliance, Ytria EZSuite, Sprint Admin Center, Postini, MIMEsweeper for SMTP Manager, MIMEsweeper Policy Editor, Mirapoint Spam Filter, Barracuda Spam Firewall, Spam Sentinel, Sophos, Trend Micro Scan Mail for Domino, Symantec Anti-Virus Filtering for Domino, Symantec Mail Security for Domino 8.0.5, Inoculan, Norton Anti-Virus, Group Shield, HP Data Protector, Symantec Backup Exec, Veritas Net Backup, Arcserve, Fax Com for Domino, Right Fax Module for Lotus Notes, All-in-one Admin Tool, Juniper Connect SSL VPN, Nortel Contivity VPN and Cisco VPN, , Change Gear, CA Service Desk, Altiris, GWI (Help Desk Software), Help Matics, Peregrine Service Center, Heat, Remedy, HPOpenview Service Desk, Netman, Magic Solutions, Utopia, Applix, Bomgar, Log Me In Web-based Remote Support Software, Meeting Center/Web Ex, Netop Remote Control, Net Meeting, Lan Desk, PC Anywhere, Lap Link, Dame Ware Remote Control, Microsoft Server Manager, Visio, Microsoft Share Point Services, Mindjet Mind Manager Visualization Tool, SSDM Scheduling Administration Tool, SQL Server Configuration Manager, ADT(Automated Deployment Toolkit) for Lotus Notes, Manage Engine Op Manager, Microsoft Project, Ehealth Report Generating Tool, IBM i Series Navigator, Putty Terminal Client, Win SCP File Copy Program, Remote Insight Board Lights-Out Edition, HP IP Console Viewer, Secure Path, Microsoft Tech Net, Netfinity Service Manager, Notes Upgrade Services Wizard. Trained by a Certified Service Now Certified Trainer for Insource.Keeping instances of old operating systems for this task only could not be a good solution.Also got this working with SHA2 and my internal Domino 9 server, but then I had to work with multiple GSK kits, but ended up with a valid kyr file.I highly recommend using this (screenshotsforblog P12) Contents 1. Run i Keyman to create new kyrfile and then Add and Import certificate information 5. Export root and any intermediate certificates to file Find the different certificates under Intermediate Certification Authorities or Trusted Root Certification Authorities using the labels noted in the step above. Run i Keyman to create new kyrfile and then Add and Import certicate information You must be Administrator on your machine to run this, make sure you are. Copy the kyr file to your data directory on the notes client 2.Check your file and add sth file to enable it for Domino use 6. Go to the directory where you unzipped your files in a Command Prompt. Open or create the Server Certificate Admin application 3. Select key Ring to Display and check that you can read it using the password set by you earlier. Change Key Ring Password and follow the procedure 6. Get Document By URL(url,1,1,,,,, False) to get a page/file under http, it returned the web page/file successfully as a Notes document. Get Document By URL(url,1,1,username,password,,, False) to get an ssl page/file under https, where url is like "", it failed and the remote console showed the error messages: SSL Error: Keyring File access error Connection interrupted: SSL Error: Bad or missing remote certificate Can't db.

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