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Also, weedy politicians boss beefy cleaners and barmen around the House of Commons – physical strength is in fact very rarely related to social power.

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To understand how our reality came to be the way it is.” In doing so, he has knocked on the head a lot of our laziest ideas, and does a service to the causes of feminism in the process.

Gender, he deeply believes, is solely a construct and our very notion of maleness not only can be, but will be, changed by new attitudes and new science, and very soon. But sex-change operations and Viagra are just appetizers.

Managing a war, for instance, requires great tact and guile, and the ability to manage and cooperate.

“Women are often stereotyped as better manipulators and appeasers than men, and are famed for their superior ability to see things from the perspective of others,” says Dr Harari.

This, he suggests, should make them natural leaders and bosses.

Not addressed in detail in Sapiens, but oft-stated, and politicised, in modern times, is the notion that men have dominated women because women have had to invest much time and effort in childcare, while they have been free to pursue and accumulate wealth and power. “Though there is no doubt that women throughout history had to invest much more time and effort in childcare, in my mind it is not so obvious why this should have made them socially and politically weaker than men.

“If I am a straight man, and I discover that one of the other men in my group is gay, I should be very happy and give him all the encouragement he needs.

Because if he has sex only with men, this means there is less competition for the women, and my genes are more likely to spread around. From an evolutionary perspective, it is a mystery.” Noah Yuval Harari freely, indeed happily, admits – in the book, and in conversation – that while he sees many flaws in the widely accepted assumptions and stereotypes, it’s not easy to offer final answers.

From the first, the book positions human history where it belongs – as the latest phase in an epic process that has been, for the most part, defined by physics, chemistry and biology.

Contrary to those stirring museum displays and Fat Boy Slim videos, we are not the end result of a neat cycle of evolution from apes to apish dimwits to amazing us.

This led, around 70,000 years ago to what Harari calls a “Cognitive Revolution” – when we began to employ those same neurons to create boats, weapons, artwork and needles.

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