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Tell me, at one point was your boyfriend behaving with best interest in mind?The part where in lied to you twice or the part where he led you to believe one thing for nearly three months before admitting the truth?

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His bisexuality must have been an important enough facet of his life to at least hint at the truth. In that sense, he was testing you — seeing how open and trustworthy you were. Someone who was looking out for your best interests may have thought to tell you information about himself that could greatly change your impression of him and your investment in a future together, say, say is that it is far, far more important that you look ahead rather than behind. Do you believe he has fully accepted his bisexuality (which surely involved telling you the truth about his past)?

And if not, what do you think he may need to do to get there?

Before we met in person, my boyfriend told me he believed he was bisexual but had never had any experiences with other men.

At the time I told him that didn’t bother me at all, and it honestly didn’t.

And then a few weeks later: oh, oops, it seems he neglected to tell you that that single encounter was actually at least five trips to the gay bathhouse and at least two gay encounters with other patrons there.

And you’re blaming yourself for reacting less than perfectly?

After a long conversation, I realized that I want to be that person more than anything because I really do love him.

But, do you think it will be possible for me to fully accept what happened in that past, or does he really deserve someone who can accept him immediately?

If he closets a part of himself because he’s ashamed, how will that closeted self affect your relationship? Before you can decide whether you’re in this — really in this — you need to have some more long conversations with your boyfriend and get some clarity.

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