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If your device is listed, please check back on the date provided to download the latest software update.Why can't you just copy the map files from the SD card over to internal memory and continue to use the SD card for custom POIs, keeping the previous file?” First of all, it depends on how you use the completed paper.

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Mine currently lists: # Basemap \HDD\MAP # Detailmap Map Data \HDD\MAP # POI Map Data \HDD\MAP # User Data \HDD\USR # Sound files data \HDD\APP # SD Card simulation directory \SDMMC Card # Speech files data \HDD\APP The map update appears to change the file as quoted below: These were some of the lines of the file I've got with the updated maps, which were wrong for my case: # Basemap \SDMMC Card\MAP # Detailmap Map Data \SDMMC Card\MAP # POI Map Data \SDMMC Card\MAP First, the SD card is called SDMMC, not 'SDMMC Card'.

Well, when I buy a new unit it will not be Magellan.

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