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In this town, even a blind man could tell you that the streets are filled with gorgeous women.

Just head to the College of Charleston where many girls care more about their looks than their GPA.

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Burdened with heavy eyeliner, sallow complexions, and plenty of wrinkles, these women perpetuate the sad side of the cougar stereotype.

Many look as if they've been beaten down by some side of life.

The website is just one of a number of dating sites built around the lore of the cougar hunt.

Taken together, these sites perpetuate the unsavory image that gives the term cougar its sometimes bad reputation.

Both west of the Ashley and east of the Cooper lie suburban bastions of beauty.

Toss in a high divorce rate and you've also got plenty of older single ladies looking for a good time.

Ginger Emas, a divorced freelance writer, is a petite yet feisty redhead that can stop anyone in their tracks with her megawatt smile. She says, "The first time I was called a cougar, I did not think it was in any way complimentary." Luckily, a friend offered an encouraging insight, telling Emas that a cougar is sleek, confident, and powerful.

Armed with this outlook on the cougar phenomenon, Emas slowly changed her mind about the much-maligned term.

Their desire for a younger man seems like the dating equivalent of the quest for the fountain of youth.

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