Dating straight guys

An Australian version of the show aired on the Seven Network starting October 2004 hosted by Natalie Garonzi.Despite much of the hype surrounding it the shows ratings dwindled and it was moved to a later timeslot.Banks went so far as to tell friends that he had to leave the show because he broke his arm, rather than reveal he won.

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The series has been repeated on Channel 4's sister channel, 4Music.

Early reporting revealed Ben Harris to be Mr Gay UK and also said: "Ben Harris, a builder, looks to be one of the favourites to win the show after the first episode in which he played to the builder stereotype." In October 2011, it was announced that Channel 4 had ordered a full second series.

topping -- the very thing my friend was asking me about all those years ago.

Playing It Straight is a 2004 American reality show in which one woman spent time on a ranch with a group of men in an attempt to discern which of them were gay and which of them were straight. The woman went on individual dates with the men, in addition to engaging in group activities with them.

If Jackie picked a straight man, they would both split the money, but if she picked a gay man, he would win the entire $1 million.

In 2005, nearly one year later after the show was recorded, Fox issued a press release stating that Jackie and Banks were still together.

This time the location was set in Spain and the new series was hosted by T4 presenter, Jameela Jamil and comedian Alan Carr provided the narration.

The prize fund was decreased 50% to £50,000 (£25,000 each).

Over the course of the episodes, she voted to eliminate the men she believed to be gay.

At the end of the show, the woman had to choose one man.

Ten men started the show and two more, Lee and Marco, were added in week 3 - it was revealed when they arrived that one was gay and one was straight.

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