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Those two groups might as well have sired Mumford & Sons during a one-night stand at Bonnaroo, and I have to believe they both would have a shot at crossover success if they released the right single right now. Sometimes it veers toward jam-band status (DMB), sometimes teeny bopper guitar-slinging (Jason Mraz), sometimes goofy gimmick pop (Barenaked Ladies), but it always seems to persist on the pop charts.

Whoever manages Edward Sharpe And The Magnetic Zeros should be leaning hard on radio programmers right now, too. Now bands like Mumford and the Lumineers are fulfilling that role, but they’re also becoming the latest installment of the whole “indie goes mainstream”/”mainstream co-opts indie” thing that’s been happening since Seth Cohen’s heyday — or, you know, since Don Draper married Megan.

What I do remember is that the song struck me as slightly unusual for WNCI, the local top-40 station we were bumping on that particular Macy’s trip.

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But they also appeal directly to a segment of the population that probably makes a sizable swath of indie music fans squirm.

Lumineers are about to hit the road with Dave Matthews, after all, and the number of DMB T-shirts at that Mumford concert over the summer was telling.

Imitating a band that’s incurring that level of adulation is obviously a lucrative career move, so of course Phillips isn’t the only one doing it; it seems to be working out for Denver folk trio the Lumineers.

The group shares Mumford’s aesthetic in both sight (a fondness for olde-timey instruments and attire) and sound (acoustic anthems with mega sing-along potential), and they recently pulled off a similar leap from budding underground sensation to legitimate chart power. 11, and clap-and-stomp-powered single “Ho Hey” is at No. A few months ago this band was part of the undercard at an independent radio fest here in Columbus.

His debut album, , out this week on Interscope, affirms his status as a living, breathing Venn diagram overlap.

(Listening to it feels very much like a trip to the mall.The Top 20 almost exclusively comprises R&B (Rihanna, Chris Brown, Miguel), rap (Kanye West, Flo-Rida), alternative bands gunning for the dance floor (Maroon 5, fun., Alex Clare’s polarizing jingle “Too Close”) and outright dance-pop (Ke$ha, “Gangnam Style”).Taylor Swift has all but abandoned her bedazzled guitar collection to fit in there.Not so much the Olympics.) Every detail vacillates between sounding like a Mumford production and a Matthews production depending on how you crane your ear.Every weathered vocal run is a pivot point, every acoustic strum a litmus test.My brain probably generated a few alternate origin stories for “Home,” but none of them involved winners have a checkered history where actual pop stardom is concerned, but it wasn’t surprising to hear this year’s champ on the radio.

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