Dating sites based on intelligence

Let's make dating experiences more meaningful, fun, and less work — and, along the way, build some awesome friendships and relationships!

"If you're in San Francisco or the Bay Area and want to check out BELONG, you can join via their website or download the app in the i OS App Store.

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You’re in luck — has just what you’ve been looking for.

The dating site has teamed up with Mensa International, the world’s largest and oldest high IQ society, to help its most highly intelligent members connect with other absurdly smart people.

The collaboration will allow Match members to display a Mensa badge to their profiles; they’ll also have the opportunity to take the Mensa test for just a dollar using the code MATCHSUMMER14 from now through July 6.

The Mensa testing fee is usually $40; if you score in the 98th percentile (something which about 1 in 50 Americans does), you’ll be eligible to join the organization.

) The survey also indicated that 41.5 percent of online daters are frustrated by an "overload of unfit choices." Again, is it just me?!

;) So, BELONG hopes to change the current dating app landscape as you and I know it.

So, with BELONG, they hope to revolutionize the dating app space by matching you with quality matches and curated events based on shared interests and lifestyles.

"My vision was to create a solution for single professionals like myself," Mohammadi tells Bustle.

Yep, you'll have yet another way to meet fellow matches IRL. Its artificial intelligence will come into play more by the app tailoring event recommendations to each user's tastes.

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