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The capital had gone and Corydon settled sleepily into small town days and ways.

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The forty-three delegates met in a log structure at the corner of High and North Capital Avenue.

The first order of business was to decide if the assembled delegates were prepared to create the constitution or if the crafting needed to be delayed to a later date.

Adam Sibert, of Corydon, served as one of the transporters.

Life in Corydon changed dramatically as many of the early “movers and shakers” packed up and migrated toward Indianapolis.

As expected, Corydon was bustling with legislative and local action from 1816-1825.

Notable events that occurred during the Capital Years 1816-1825 included a visit in June 1819 by President James Monroe and General Andrew Jackson, the Tragedy of the Falls Supreme Court Decision in 1824, ongoing efforts to relocate the capitol, lavish parties at the Governor’s mansion, the construction of numerous buildings and homes, and selection of the new capital site and, ultimately, relocation of the capital to a new site along the White River at Indianapolis.Harrison had also been heavily involved with Harrison County in early Indiana and owned four pieces of property there including the site of the town of Corydon.Following the relocation of the territorial capital at Corydon, the people of Indiana began agitating for statehood for Indiana.The government began casting about for a new territorial capital location.Many of the small towns in Indiana recognized the economic opportunities which would be presented by the distinction of serving as the second capital for Indiana Territory.This article is a brief significance of Corydon’s significance during the territorial and capital period (1816-1825) in Indiana’s early history.

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