Dating older men problems

And it happens to be fact that some women in this kind of relationship came from broken homes, while others have lost their fathers at a very young age.And women who love to be pampered find the generosity (both emotionally and financially) of older men preferable.

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It might take one year, six years, or even longer for some. In spite of all that’s been said about the impossibility of filling up the generation gap, somehow they succeed in doing so.

The truth is, no matter what age people in a relationship are it takes both of them to make it work.

That sounds dramatic; don't forget how it actually looks…

Try Googling images of 50-year-olds and 70-year-olds and see how many more of these lines the latter group has.

One is that older men look for the fountain of youth when they get to a certain age, and having “eye candy” in their arms gives them the youthful vigor that they seek.

On the other hand, younger women who choose to be with older men say they find the stability that much younger men do not yet possess.

Some say that this is because she needs a mature and emotionally stable anchor that he very aptly provides.

Others attribute these successes to the observation that older men are more indulgent, more generous, and more experienced in more ways than one.

This is probably the first thing that crosses people’s minds, especially when the younger woman exudes a generous dose of s*xual energy.

Still, many relationships like this thrive because, according to those who are actually in it, “she is happy, not stressed, less jaded, and there’s a lot that I can teach her.”Those who do not approve of this relationship argue that the two do not really have anything in common, and once the fantasy period is over, she will find his age tiresome, and he will find her too superficial.

But why do some men gravitate towards women half their age despite the availability of older women who are still attractive and sexually indulgent?

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