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For encrypting files, the ransomware uses AES-256 combined with RSA-2048. Additionally, the ransomware creates a key file with name similar to: [PC_NAME]#9C43A95AC27D3A131D3E8A95F2163088-Bravo NEW-20175267812-78aes_ni_0day in C:\Program Data folder. Encrypted file names will have the following format: [[email protected]].theva [[email protected]].cryptobyte [[email protected]].cryptowin [[email protected]].btcware onyon Furthermore, one of the following files can be found on the PC on %USERPROFILE%\Desktop 1in %USERPROFILE%\App Data\Roaming #_README_#or ! In early 2017, a new variant of Crypto Mix, called Crypto Shield emerged.In each folder with at least one encrypted file, the file "!!! Both variants encrypt files by using AES256 encryption with a unique encryption key downloaded from a remote server.

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In cases where the offline key was not used to encrypt files, our tool will be unable to restore the files and no file modification will be done.

Update 2017-07-21: The decryptor was updated to also work with Mole variant.

They are all identical, containing the following text message: Special: Because AVAST decryptors are Windows applications, it is necessary to install an emulation layer on Mac (WINE, Cross Over). If Globe has encrypted your files, click here to download our free fix: Globe adds one of the following extensions to the file name: ". GSupport[0-9]", ".blackblock", ".dll555", ".duhust", ".exploit", ".frozen", ".globe", ".gsupport", ".kyra", ".purged", ".raid[0-9]", "[email protected]", ".xtbl", ".zendrz", ".zendr[0-9]", or ".hnyear".

Furthermore, some of its versions encrypt the file name as well.

The encryption is based on creating ZIP files - each encrypted file is a ZIP archive, containing the original document.

After encrypting your files, several files are created on the user’s desktop, with name variants of: DECRYPT.txt, HOW_TO_DECRYPT.txt,

Encrypted files will have one of the following extensions: .kkk, .btc, .gws, .

J, .encrypted, .porno, .payransom, .pornoransom, .epic, .xyz, .versiegelt, .encrypted, .payb, .pays, .payms, .paymds, .paymts, .paymst, .payrms, .payrmts, .paymrts, .paybtcs, .fun, .hush, [email protected], or .gefickt.

Also, the desktop background is changed to one of the pictures below.

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