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Disclaimer: I do not own Supergirl or anything to do with DC.I do not make any money from the writing of this story."Is everything alright? " Kara replied, shaking herself out of her thoughts."You just seem a little, distant." Lena said, trying to keep her tone soft and understanding as she added, "You know, we can reschedule if there's something you have to do, or someplace you'd rather be."Kara quickly reached over and gently took the other girl's hand in hers before squeezing it so Lena wouldn't get lost in those thoughts, "I'm right where I want to be."There was then an awkward pause as both girls blushed and looked away from each other.

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Introduction: Kara's "Men Made Easy" e-Book was without a doubt an excellent help for so many women in particular in getting the best out of their relationships.

The e-Book also reveals secrets on the most excellent way to make a man fall for you, rather than make you look desperate while your man naturally loses interest in you.

"Lena grinned, "You have no idea."Those words of course made Kara blushed furiously, but she forced herself not get flustered, and was in fact reasonably smooth for once as she casually walked into Lena's office and then out onto the balcony before turning back to her date, levitating herself slightly in the air, holding out her hand and asking, "Do you trust me? " Kara smiled, "Did Lena Luthor really think she could confess her secret love of Disney movies without it being used against her? There was another pause, and then Lena pushed, "Supergirl, take me on a magic carpet ride."Kara blushed again, but did as she was told, picking up Lena bridal style and flying off into the night.

"There was a brief pause where the two women just stared at each other, then Lena sighed, "An Aladdin quote? ""No, but I thought you might have the decency to at least wait until our third date." Lena complained, although she couldn't stop herself from smiling, especially as she took Supergirl's hand."Sorry, it was just too good to resist." Kara grinned, "Besides, I didn't think, do you wanna build a snowman, would work."Lena nodded in agreement, "Yeah. " Kara frowned, and then when Lena nodded again she pushed, "Then who-""Kara." Lena answered, clarifying after a pause, "Kara Danvers is totally my Anna.

Which Kara knew was a very, very bad idea, but she just couldn't help it. I was stupid, and selfish, and so, so unfair, to you and him, and I just... " Lena questioned, "And he needed to be talked into doing good? Which is why it's super impressive that you're so wonderful."Lena glared, but she couldn't keep it up while being nervously grinned at, so ultimately she relented, "Issues?

She had to talk about it with someone, and she and Lena were friends first, so hopefully she would understand."I... I'm just so sorry Lena.""Hey, hey, hey, shhhhhhh." Lena desperately tried to sooth the other woman who seemed on the verge of tears, "You don't have to apologise to me. You think you're the first girl to dip her toe into the gay pool while still having a boyfriend? ""I-" Kara began."I suppose that's fair." Lena admitted, "And if there's one thing I know it's being inspired by Supergirl to be a better person.By doing so, females will know the do's and do nots when it comes to attracting men.Learn the right magic that lies within you in having your man fall in love with you.If you want to meet a Korean man then it’s time to change things.The first (and easiest) thing to change is where you’re hanging out with your friends.Which was a shame, because just this small touch of reassurance, which she'd given Lena before, seemed to cause little sparks between them. he was just being so mean, and I just, lost my temper. He's changed, and even when he was super jurkie didn't go around hurting people. " Lena frowned."Yeah." Kara said proudly, "The DEO gave me the responsibility.

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