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Never meet them for the first time at a private home, or invite them to your home before meeting them in-person first.Coffee shops and shopping malls are usually good places, and if you need to go to the seller’s car (or have them come to yours) to see the item in question, choose a well-lit, highly trafficked parking lot with regular parking enforcement and ideally, police presence.

Or use an official This isn’t always possible when buying large items like furniture, so use a Craigslist pickup service like Dolly if you aren’t comfortable going to the buyer’s home, or vice versa.

Dolly will send background-checked Helpers to pick up your item – whether it be a small television or a massive sectional – from the seller and deliver it straight to your home.

Protecting yourself just takes some common sense and forethought.

Craigslist has been the internet’s go-to buying and selling marketplace since, well, forever.

And, be smart - don't set up an account such as [email protected] you've just given away your name again to the email lookup scammers! It doesn't take much work to keep your identity and email address safe from the email lookup scammers when you're using Craig's List.

It's the initial contact that email lookup scammers are seeking.

The easiest way to protect your identity is to set up an email address at one of the web based services such as Yahoo or Gmail, and use that email address for your Craig's List account.

That way, whether you're listing or responding to an ad, the email lookup scammers don't get any critical information about you.

When you reply from your email address with your resume, all of a sudden the scammer has a lot of information about you, right?

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