Dating girl no friends

Harikr, I had a hearty laugh while reading your latest post.

I have called you an MCP based on what you have stated here - i.e.

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Excellent reply for certain people who are prejudiced and biased against bisexuals.

I don't know why this sudden spurt of morality and some gays think that all bisexuals are immoral and they are all so called "Harishchandras". The topic here is "Are married Guys Happy Here" and many are indeed happy including me. Most of the bisexuals are commenting that they are happy in their life and I don't know why many gays are desperately trying to prove that bisexuals married life is pathetic and unhappy.

you are free to have a sexual relationship outside marriage, but not your wife.

You have substantiated my reasoning in the second paragraph of your post.

I need not reply to the questions and comments about me, but here I am.

I am not at all interested in women, hence I have chosen to remain single.

Frankly I believe it is how you can juggle through responsibilities that come with the social institution of marriage and understanding the intrinsic nature if marriage. @fifty, If I read your post clearly, I understand that it is your complex (inferiority) that makes U call me MCP.

I don't want to enter too much into your personal life to excavate the reason for that complex, none of my business :( :( Thats all how I look into what you are saying here.

She too has only one life, what's the problem if she exercised her choice like you do? But please don't use the alibi of 'bisexual' to describe your extra marital affairs.

What's fair for the guy, should be for the girl too! Infidelity is not limited to any gender or sexual orientation.

But if you try to prove to yourself or to others that you are sleeping with men only because you do not want to 'suppress' your sexual attraction toward men then I am sorry I will call it out.

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