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As I opened it I saw few pairs of very expensive Lingerie.

I asked him who is it for expecting to get a name but instead he said they are for me.

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I am married to my husband for 26 years now and I can say we were hot on bed a lot of those years.

So I started seeking men who would take care of my passion between my legs. My son Rahul left for US to work on Computers after he graduated here and he is coming back for good after his two H1 terms.

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Feel free to share the page around with people who might need it. The meeting will start on November, 11, 2017, and will meet at Saturday morning, from - at Temple Baptist Church: 6824 Randol Mill Rd, Fort Worth, TX 76120 → first building to the left of auditorium, first door on the right after you enter.

Since I am smaller than both are they were ready to use me as meat in the sandwich. So Rahul slept to my right and his papa to my left.

As I am nervous I turned towards my hubby and slept close to him.

We are aware of at least a small group who are renting an Airbnb and have openings. The next SA/S-Anon International Convention (January 12-14, 2018) will be held right next door in San Antonio.

Just a reminder, early registration is preferred; hotel rooms at the venue will probably fill up in the next several weeks. It can be found here: https:// In line with the Eleventh Tradition, our FB page is another mechanism to let people know we are here―it is supposed to be a tool of attraction and should not be used for promotion.

When Rahul hugged me he caressed my back which is pretty normal but slowly pushed his right hand around my back and underneath the armpit and squeezed the side of my breast.

I was startled a bit and thought probably it’s just an un-anticipated gesture, as Rahul didn’t show any facial expression. Throughout our journey Rahul kept talking about all his stuff sitting beside me in the car seeming as innocent as my beloved son.

- Sex & Love Addicts Anonymous is a 12 Step Fellowship of men & women who help each other to stay sober.

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