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We haven’t yet seen a romantic comedy about polygamy, but give it time.

What saved it were showings on college campuses, where it became regarded as the perfect date movie.

It spoke to a generation of young Americans who lived in the shadow of the Vietnam war.

But when it comes to deciding what makes a classic, the power of romance is still measured in tragedy – even in the escapist space of the cinema.

Today, we are constantly told that people have become sexual consumers in constant search of as many “brief encounters” as possible.

In one scene, Maude’s sleeve rides up and we see numbers printed on her arm: Harold’s lover has spent time in a concentration camp.

The onscreen consummation of these two lovers was not, as the critics felt it to be, mere sensationalism.In Brokeback Mountain, two cowboys do spend a night together.But one of them refuses to abandon his wife for his lover.In Wagner’s Tristan und Isolde, the titular pair are torn apart by Isolde’s betrothal to another, and all that can keep them together is death.In some productions, the couple never even get to touch each other.In art, the fleeting nature of love elevates it to the ideal: it is purer for being denied and the lovers more heroic for the fact that they are prepared to die for it.

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