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Located in the southeast regions of Karlovac County, it features the gorgeous underground realm known as the Caverns of Barac.

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On their estate in Ozalj’s Ilovac neighborhood, one can taste their traditional honey-based products, including popular medenjaci cookies.

Lovro Krnic is also very keen to provide you with a tour of his beehives, which will introduce you to enigmatic behavior of these animals, and explain their distinctive role in the nature’s world.

The locality has secured passages and electrical illumination, so you don’t have to be a professional climber to meet its impressive interior.

Situated on the banks of Kupa River, the little hydro-plant of Ozalj is over one hundred years old.

For forms and information, contact RITA at (440) 526-0900, toll-free at (800) 860-7482 or online at

The Strongsville income tax rate is 2 percent, with a credit of .75 percent up to 2 percent of taxes paid to the city where a resident works.Income taxes are the single largest source of income for the city and are used for many services, including police, fire, street repairs, recreation and refuse collection.Based on the calculations required by House Bill 5, the annual interest rate for 2018 is 6 percent. The current residential millage in Strongsville is 117.60, with an effective rate of 74.29 mills for tax year 2016, which is collected in 2017.Here are just five reasons why you should keep them on your tourist radar.Four rivers are going through Karlovac, providing locals with exciting opportunities for fishing and rafting sessions.The slopes of Zumberak Hills have always been highly regarded by grape harvesters, so it is not surprising that the region has a very distinctive wine road on its soil.

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