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He calls it the “mating market.” Presumably, gay people also compete with members of the same sex when looking for a partner.

There was one deviation: Older people care less about physical attraction, professional success or the potential to make a lot of money, the study found.

“This is a study of what determines the qualities one is looking for in a mate,” says Roger Friedland, visiting professor of media, culture and communication at New York University, who has studied the behavior of American college students.

“I don’t think this is superficial at all,” says Jacqueline Whitmore, the founder of The Protocol School of Palm Beach.

“Speaking as a woman, most women of a certain age want security, but we also want someone who doesn’t look, act and dress like a troll.

As you said about the fitness industry being a multi-billion dollar business built on lies. or you could say the guy i used to be, are pretty ****ing rare.

So much of our society is just money making schemes and lies. At about the age of 15-16 I noticed that my friends and peers around me were starting to get bigger than me, starting to develop more into how a man should look.

Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing... Since you probably need to consume more calories, you should probably suck some more food up... Don't have any more or less luck with women now than when I was 200#, or 150#.

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“And that’s hopeful because it allows for physical imperfections — not the unattainable physical flawlessness we’re bombarded with every day in the media,” she says.

But what people want and what they actually get are two different things.

Cultural factors, of course, can greatly influence the extent of these preferences, he says.

Valuing money and looks over personality may seem a tad superficial -- or not.

Both genders have a list of what they seek in a partner, says Fran Walfish, a Beverly Hills, Calif.-based psychotherapist, which may explain why the matchmaking and online dating industry is worth billion combined.

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