Dating a chilean man

As for merlot: “the Maule region is becoming more important. Now we like Maule, the soils are red clay, so the merlot here is more interesting than in the Rapel region, more tense, more vibrant, better fruit, so every single merlot vine we plant, that’s going in in Maule, and perhaps eventually some of the merlot in Rapel that’s not on top, we’ll take it out.” Clearly there’s more to these wines than meets the eye, which might explain how they have become an international brand on a footing with New Zealand’s Brancott Estate and Spain’s Campo Viejo.But it’s good to know that Chile’s story is riven through them too.

But the name of the underground vault lives in the form of one of its wine brands.

I happen to think it’s one of the best-value and most consistent on the planet.

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The devil’s locker – casillero del Diablo in Spanish – actually exists.

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• About the Author: Who Is This Radio Wright Guy Anyway?The range is mostly single varietals (there are two new blends, Devil’s Lair, going into Tesco next month which I am not so keen on — they taste like matching three-piece suites).The wines are generally made up of about 60 per cent grapes from Concha y Toro’s own estates, the remainder being bought in from other growers.It’s also the most popular, selling about 1.3 million cases a year.If we could transport a bottle of that wine by magical time machine from 1998 and taste it now against the current model, what would be the difference? “It would taste more green in terms of flavours and tannins,” says Marcelo. We used to keep the wine a bit longer in tanks before bottling.” It seems that beneath the reassuring label, the wines have been slip-sliding to reflect our changing taste. Then five, six, seven years ago we began to decline, step by step, the amount we used.“I strongly believe Limari chardonnay is the best in the country,” says Marcelo.

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