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This serrated-edge is part trowel and part saw, the sort of multiuse tool capable of doing the job of numerous others, and a great introduction to traditional implements that the container gardener or backyard gardener will immediately find useful.

Throw in a couple of packs of Japanese heirloom seeds from Kitazawa Seed Co., a family-owned vendor operating since 1917, and the green thumb in your life has the outline for growing something different.

Great gifts feel good to give and to receive—a thoughtful gift to a beloved family member or friend can be whimsical, aspirational, silly, entertaining, delicious, or anything in between.

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The memory flooded back upon my seeing this suspended half-tent, half-hammock by the punny-funny Hang-In-Out, a UV-protective hideaway where an accompanying bubble-blowing trumpet doesn’t seem ridiculous but practically required.

—GH Nisaku Hori Hori stainless steel straight edge ($30) and Kitazawa Seed Co.

—GH Astro Gallery of Gems fossils ($30–$1,500) On an early autumn morning about five years ago, while trail running along the jagged coastline of Palos Verdes, California, I discovered something wedged halfway into the tumble of rocks and cliff’s-edge soil.

I had found a calcified whale bone, a large white gavel of cetacean past exposed after a particularly violent storm.

seed packs ($25) Last winter I had the honor of sitting with the head gardener at Nanzen-ji, an emperor’s villa turned into a picturesque Zen temple with a history dating back to 1291.

While the master gardener pointed out the gentle mounds of carefully tended moss blanketing the grounds and the azalea-lined streams winding through a private wing of the temple garden like a babbling haiku, my eyes kept wandering to watch his team using only handheld tools to prune and trim the garden, each of their instruments beautiful and timeless in appearance, making sounds harmonious with the surroundings. From that day forward, I decided I was going to try my best to use traditional gardening hand tools, rakes, and shovels—preferably ones made by Japanese craftsmen.I’d give this pairing to my friends with kids, the blanket set aside for those rare moments when they can find time for themselves to relax, the pillow ready to instigate fun with a carefully aimed reminder that a big kid still resides within.—Gregory Han BAZAZAS Slag Glas bookends (Algae, 0) and nonfictiontees Ernst Haeckel T-shirt () If you ever find yourself driving through Razorback territory, keep an eye out along the tables of Arkansas gift shops and roadside vendors for what sometimes looks like a mineral that might make a red-caped Kryptonian weak in the knees.—GH Objects of Use Terra hydroponic cases (0) This is an ideal gift for the person who loves museum display cases, whose skin tingles at the mention of “collections” and “prized specimen,” and whose nose presses against glass more often than not during observation of flora or fauna in captivity.Think of these handcrafted plant display vases as miniature terrariums where the entirety of a cactus or succulent, sitting on a metal grid holding the plant aloft over water, roots exposed, remains visible growing both upward and downward, in a sort of plant peep show where nobody needs to feel dirty peering in.This gift is even good for people who aren’t green thumbs, because when this planter is paired with an attractive cactus or succulent, they can largely ignore it without its suffering.

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