Curse client not updating add ons

Yes, I know some of those were stopped before 10, but that isn't the point. But that still doesn't explain how or why people are shocked, mad, or surprised.

As soon as the Twitch App launched several months ago, that was the bright flag announcement.

To me, this discussion is similar to someone being surprised at Windows XP, Vista, 8.1, "suddenly" not being supported by Microsoft as soon as Windows 10 came out.

Can you guys with the old Curse Client use it normally? The twitch app actually isn't bad to use at all.

Just from poking around in it it seems they expanded the functionality from curse and it lets you watch twitch from your desktop, no browser needed.

Being one of those people who just been waiting for two weeks for an answer regarding this issue that you call a "duh, progress" situation rather then an issue I have to say Zen is right.

This is NOT the way to endear yourself to your customer base by starting off this way.

I'm still using the old Curse Client to download and keep my addons up to date.

I went on the curse website and saw that a lot of my addons have new versions since yesterday, but my Curse Client says all my addons are up to date, tried restarting and refreshing multiple times, seems like Curse Client is not receiving update from addons anymore..

You ALSO have an advertising window on the bottom right of the screen once the curse client is opened, why not use it to let us know instead of trying to sell us a premium client for something that will no longer work ????

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