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The twist came to its conclusion four days later when the original Islanders were given the choice of remaining with their current partner in the opposite villa or couple up with one of the new Islanders.However as they were living in separate villas, they were not aware of each other's choice.Produced by Hartswood Films for the BBC, the show centres on the dating, sexual adventures, and mishaps of six friends in their early thirties, often depicting the three women and the three men each talking among themselves about the same events, but in entirely different terms.

Vertue had been working for Tiger Aspect, a production company run by Peter Bennett-Jones.

Bennett-Jones and his friend and former colleague Andre Ptaszynski, who had worked with Moffat on the sitcoms Joking Apart and Chalk, told Moffat and Vertue that each fancied the other.

A relationship blossomed and they left their respective production companies to join Hartswood Films, run by Beryl Vertue, Sue's mother.

When she eventually asked him to write a sitcom for Hartswood, he decided to base it around the evolution of their own relationship.

The fourth series of Love Island, a British dating reality show, began on 4 June 2018 on ITV2.

It is the fourth from the current revived series, but sixth overall.

At the end of this, Georgia and Wes became the only single original Islanders, whilst Charlie W, Dean, Jordan and Savanna were dumped.

Because the Saturday episodes are weekly catch-up episodes rather than nightly highlights, these are not included in the overall averages.

Caroline Flack presents the series, while Iain Stirling narrates it.

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