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"I'm not going to ask how you managed that, I've a feeling I don't want to know. "He and Daveth annoyed me, they don't like mages it seems and Jory wanted what he saw as my place as your second. "Warden solidarity, commanders pride, I hardly wanted anyone dead." You pause. You made mention a time or two neither you nor Sophia started out that way." You shrug and grin. "And yet you don't trust our Leadership," you counter. You are the strategist that saved King Marick's rebellion, but you are outwardly suspicious and not slightly hostile to Duncan an experienced and well liked commander more familiar with the enemy you face than any of your other advisors.

But yes, if you've read the treaties then you know these are the Ferelden copies. "Well, we haven't recruited a fanatical mage hating Templar yet so I guess that may not be entirely true." Duncan chuckles quietly and serves himself half a bowl of the oats. "On my world magic something generally regarded as not real. I've been finding out recently that this isn't true, but the idea of actually meeting a mage is so absurd to most people that we invent stories about the possible uses of magic for entertainment. Still wars that involve the entire world in the fighting," you correct him softly. We bring your options and you look first to me before accepting them from him. My mages and I can do a great deal, but we can still fail or suffer undue casualties if there is distrust or infighting within the command structure." He scowled.

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1880, superbly and very subtly painted on both sides of the stiff double paper leaf.

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Once you're back in Thedas, your room on earth a mere shadow behind your eyes, you pull out your secret weapon and begin working on a turret to mount it on. Sitting down next to Duncan you ask "so, How'd it go? At your word the might of Orlais will march to reinforce the Ferelden forces. "Either the messengers are slow, being intercepted by Orlesians, or the Wardens are hanging us out to dry." He snorts. So if they won't give us the time of day, hell with it.

When things are completed and you feel everything is balanced, you vanish the whole setup back into hammer-space and join Duncan by the bonfire waiting for the new recruits to wake. Sincerely, Empress Celene I To Teyrn Loghain Mac Tir of Gwaren It is with deepest regrets we inform you that no further support can be supplied to Ferelden at this time, Duncan's company will have to suffice. To the void with all of them." You shake your head. The Nevarran's proved that any man or woman can be trained to take down a dragon.

" "Because the same ritual that makes wardens capable of killing an archdemon gives us a spy in their camp.

The same way we sense them, nearby, so too do we hear their leaders when we dream. If it turns out you're telling the truth, if and when the Archdemon appears I will trust your judgement beyond a shadow of a doubt.Declining to take part in the joining ceremony, you find a quiet corner and jump into your mind-space. You grin evilly as you see your surprise sitting there, and shift the contraption into hammer-space. Our two nations have not had a happy history, but that is all it is--history. Let us put aside our fathers' disagreements so that we may secure the future for both our countries. "And why precisely do I need an obsolete organization to face enemies my army slaughters easily?Then you head back to your room and work your way into a meditative trance. You summon the brown sugar and add a few cups until there's a hint of sugar in each taste test. I got used to the fact long ago, but with the recent promise of your new formula it's still sobering." You nod. My Chevaliers stand ready and will accompany the Grey Wardens of Orlais to Ferelden. "Not as of yet," he replies with a half groan, half sigh. We suffered far greater casualties fighting the Orlesians that we ever have against these barbarians." You laugh darkly. It's not as if I don't appreciate the strength of Duncan's fighters, or the sheer bombasity of your mage artillery, but we can handle it without foreigners.It's not very subtle and you wonder if perhaps she's defying her mother of if this was intended from the beginning. Back at camp you find a remarkable amount of work has been done to Ostagar in the time you've been gone. "Well, I suppose after 2000 years of history, somebody would have sailed there and back. Cailan agreed to it easily, saying that it was a leaders duty to untie and inspire his people.Though you suppose since much of the stonework was already in place and all that's happening is repairs, that makes a difference? My own nation alone has three hundred and fifty million people..! "Of course, my nations is also almost as big as the maps I've seen of Thedas. On my world, there are six maps just as big as the known lands of Thedas. "The brothers insisted they were happy to help the wardens at any turn, but weren't ready to give the sacrifices you hinted wardens make. "You're up late," He remarks, changing the subject. Nobodies sure whether he was agreeing with Fergus decision or trying to be subtle about getting his way, but it does make getting an audience with the stodgy old bastard easier. "I'd like to speak to the Teyrn if he's not abed yet." The guard looks at your plate armor and the crest on it. Teyrns lookin ova maps an plans yet, I'll see if he wants ye or not." Shortly later the Guard comes back and leads you through the room to another door.You sit down next to Duncan and examine the pot bubbling beside the fire. The Empress Celene has put pressure on our organization and her army marches with us as we make for the boarder. "You've heard I assume how only the wardens can kill an Archdemon? The wardens Gryphons are no more, that's what made you special, not having to wait for the bastard to land. Ever wonder why it took mages who make me look like an amateur on the battlefield five hundred years to stop the first blight? Each of the blights it's been killed at least once by normal people such as yourself, but when a Warden kills it, it stays dead." Loghain looked shocked, but didn't back down.

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