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The petition had garnered more than 2,300 signatures as of Friday morning, and developers have voiced their frustration on Twitter under the hashtag #Stop Removing Iranian Apps.

Each traveler can pick up his/her visa from Iranian embassies or consulars all around the world.

Most of the nationalities have this option to collect their visa in Iranian airports, upon their arrivals.

Under President Barack Obama, the US eased restrictions on technology companies that provide communication services in Iran, including email, chat, and social media services.

Mohammad Javad Azari Jahromi, Iran’s newly appointed telecommunications minister, criticized Apple’s decision in a Persian-language tweet, noting that Apple commands 11 percent of the country’s smartphone market.

Jahromi, who became Iran’s youngest-ever minister this week, has faced criticism for his alleged role in conducting surveillance and interrogations during massive anti-government protests in 2009.

According to the petition, addressed to Apple CEO Tim Cook, Apple’s crackdown “will have drastic effects on the startup ecosystem and economy.

The company allows free Android apps on its Play Store in Iran, though it prohibits paid apps.

It is not clear whether Apple is responding to pressure from the Trump administration, which imposed a new set of sanctions against Iran this month.

Citizens of Israel are totally banned from entry to Iran.

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