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Model-turned-supporting and occasional leading actress Julianne Phillips is best remembered for playing Frankie on the offbeat NBC series Sisters (1991-1996) and for having been married to pop superstar Bruce Springsteen between 19.

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And as far as they can tell, Springsteen himself is having a grand old time telling stories of the Jersey Shore, about blue collar workers and rockin’ out with every fiber of his being. In his new memoir, “Born To Run,” the Boss lifts the lid on his anxiety and depression.

He reveals how he failed at his first marriage, as well as how pancakes helped make him a better father.

1 Springsteen's nickname of 'The Boss' was bestowed early in his career when bandmates decided he should be the one to approach club owners after a gig, demanding payment.

The title stuck, though Springsteen is said to hate it.

His association with the outfit didn't run much deeper as he had departed the ranks by 1974.

3 The young Springsteen was obsessed with the Beatles.2 The E Street Band took its name from a real-life E Street running through the town of Belmar, New Jersey.Original drummer David Sancious lived on E Street and his mother allowed the musicians to rehearse in their basement.That girl, he says, “was a sweet blonde who I believe was the first gal I had successful intercourse with one fumbling afternoon at chez mama (though due to the fog of war, I can’t be absolutely sure).” Springsteen’s father was a troubled man.He held a series of blue collar jobs and suffered from depression.Businessman Arthur J Kelly says wife of 17 years Anne has been carrying on an affair with Bruce Springsteen, according to a complaint filed in the Monmouth County, New Jersey Superior Court.

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