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Now, the Netflix streaming service offers original programming with innovative new television shows that are competition for even the most prestigious, long-established networks. The shows on this list may never have been made had it not been for Netflix’s ability to take risks.Their completely new shows like got the chance to have an extra season of episodes that network TV would never be brave enough to air.They may be keeping their love under wraps, but even the most low key couple's gotta hold hands sometime!

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But Billy is genuinely taken with Naomi, and that’s exactly what he told him.” This all sounds very dramatic, but none of it is true.

Gossip Cop is assured by a rep for Schreiber that the actor never confronted Crudup over the situation or warned him not to “hurt” his ex.

Shortly after, a source told Us Weekly they were in the “early stages” of dating and that they were “very into each other.” Watts and longtime partner Liev Schreiber announced their split in September 2016, while Crudup’s famous exes include Mary-Louise Parker and Claire Danes.

Did Liev Schreiber really confront Billy Crudup about his relationship with the actor’s ex, Naomi Watts?

Naomi was gorgeous in an all-black pants ensemble by Stella Mc Cartney, and Billy looked dapper in a dark gray suit.

Rumors about a possible romance started back in July 2017 when they were spied eating out together in NYC. Or maybe it's just that the only teasers that seem to captivate our attention any longer feature either vaguely racist chihuahua dance numbers, Brad Pitt aging backwards in Spanish or some permutation of men saving Earth — usually brooding and often in slow-motion. like how can you start dating someone who is the younger "cooler" British version of your old man boyfriend? I always knew Claire Danes was a weirdo but this is TOO much." The date: May 15th The place: Fifth Avenue at 18th Street Sighted: "Saw Billy Crudup talking on his blackberry, huddled in a phone booth on 5th Avenue just below 19th street. Columnist-turned-author Anna Quindlen is turning 57. It may just be the destabilizing Billy Corgan whine, or poor Billy Crudup writhing in CGI anguish, or the idea that Zack Snyder is " to which the ad copy refers. Despite it's grand themes of regret, loss and death, what I took away from the film was this ... What is up with Claire Danes, she is a total sicko ... What powers does he possess, and how have they transformed the world as we know it? If there's anything the moviegoing audience needed to begin preparing for, it's some What great bard was it that once said, "You don't know what you got til it's gone"? " Sadly, the new trailer is totally wang-free, indicating that whole scenes — even ones that Crudup does not appear in! Please rectify this situation with a red-band (or blue-band? trailer, we have a new focus for that very same question: Billy Crudup's bare, cerulean penis! Manhattan, Crudup spends the bulk of his on-screen time in the buff, and unlike the anachronistically clothed Spartans that starred in Snyder's cautioned the filmmakers, “There’s always a risk that if you get one of these very evocative trailers, you put pressure on the movie." Thanks, Judge Fees! All those queries are answered and then some, but we have one complaint: the news report is full of censored wang. Ah, well, no matter — it's just that this brand-new, second official trailer for Zach Snyder's less than a month ago that Crudup's CG cerulean phallus first thrust itself into the national consciousness, and in that time we've stopped pondering matters like, "Dude, Rorshach sounds just like Christian Bale as Batman" or "Nope, nope, still don't care for that Silk Spectre costume," instead devoting our thoughts to only one question: "The wang — how much are we gonna see it?The television series on this list are each examples of Netflix’s potential to outdo every cable network in creativity and entertainment. You can also check out this list of upcoming Netflix shows to know what programs you should plan on binging in the near future.

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