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To Andreas, this is the perfect moment to ask Bill that one question, he's been wanting to ask for a long time now. When Tom's mother gets breastcancer and dies, she leaves him a note telling him he has a twin brother somewhere.

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So in remembrance, I am editing these stories and posting them for you all to read. ~The Author Two boys grow up very differently in the same city.

They learn the same trade but from very different starting points.

How long can the twin's keep face before they both crack?

Tom Kaulitz has gained a reputation as being cold, ruthless, straightforward and harshly direct. It is a story of learning to love yourself when you never have before.

^^ My name is Kiim, 16 years old and I live in Belgium.

I write my blogs in English because my french isn't so good.

And if I write them in Dutch, nobody would understand it.

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