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I was part of the first class to the awesome Matter startup accelerator as a co-founder to Open Watch, an anti-authoritarian citizen journalism app.That whole concept didn’t really fly in the VC world, so eventually we pivoted our core technology to become, an open source mobile live broadcasting SDK Saa S platform.

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They are calling it OMEMO (OMEMO Multi-End Message and Object Encryption), and it’s a genius way to adapt Text Secure’s fantastic Axolotl protocol in a way that’s compatible with almost every existing XMPP server (anything that supports PEP).

The source code to the current version of Chat Secure Android will soon be reaching end-of-life, and all new features and maintenance of that code will be happening in the Zom Android fork.

We will also ensure that security updates are available to every downstream fork as soon as possible.

Our Chat Secure Core whitelabeling system is made possible by the newly supported i OS 8.0 dynamic frameworks. Another nice bonus is that this work will open the door for Chat Secure for Mac, which will be the first open source, modern, native, sandboxed XMPP client for OS X.

Both will have a new package name and signing key, so the existing Chat Secure Android app will prompt you on every launch to either download the new version of Chat Secure or Zom.

Conversations is currently (in my opinion) the best modern open source Android XMPP client.

Under the hood, it will still support OTR, XMPP, Tor, SQLCipher, certificate pinning, and all that crypto goodness that you expect, all bundled up behind a shiny new interface designed to hide or minimize the vast majority of the complexity.

No use in having a secure messenger if it’s as hard to setup and use securely as PGP, right?

), which we feel is the right move when targeting the mass market.

It will also only support a single account at a time, have a bigger focus on media sharing, and sport silly stuff like sticker packs.

As I mentioned earlier, the Zom fork is focused on a simplified and streamlined user experience, targeted toward a less tech-savvy crowd.

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