Nosignupnaughtychat - Benefits of consolidating services

Even consolidating in a few regional centers takes extremely careful planning and implementation.

One key goal of consolidation must be to benefit from economies of scale.

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However, once the organization begins to consolidate its B2B solutions, it soon discovers that it is supporting a huge range of document types, communications protocols and technical standards.

In addition, the expertise on each of these areas is held locally.

On the construction side the builders and project managers will benefit from having the engineer readily available to answer any questions and expand on any information.

If a change is required this can also be more readily performed.

One excellent way to simplify matters is to consolidate vendors for engineering and construction, thereby using a high quality single, full service company.

In addition to halving the amount of time and energy it takes compared to choose two separate companies, one for engineering and one for construction, choosing a single, full service engineering and construction company also creates a number of other valuable benefits.

Many organizations are consolidating back-office functions across business units, companies and geographical locations.

Some establish Shared Service Centers to provide non-strategic roles such as accounting or HR to the entire organization.

The project as a whole will benefit from the depth of knowledge and range of both engineering and construction experience that the company has.

Having the same company perform engineering and construction tasks also allows for an overall cost savings in many cases.

The benefits come not only from cost reduction but more frequently from increased productivity and quality of service.

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