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Her books include Be Your Own Dating Service: A Step-By-Step Guide to Finding and Maintaining Healthy Relationships. Holt Paperbacks Where are all the good people to date? C., is a therapist in private practice in Dallas, Texas, where she also teaches dating and relationship seminars. This upbeat and on-target book answers these questions and many more,... Graham aka Radio Red on Blog Talk, The Institute for Luxury Home Marketing, Two Casitas , Santa Fe Vacation Rentals, Managing Thought, Wheatmark, Singlescoach®, The Journey from Abandonment to Healing, Hugh Laurie, Dr. Dyer, Jose Luis Farias Sidders, Brandt Companies, Art and colors, Save a Life.

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Atwood's main ideas are pretty basic and include things like: knowing yourself, choosing someone who has the same basic values as you do, communicating honestly and openly with your partner, and not staying in relationships that aren't right for you.

But her central message is that a healthy relationship requires: 1) knowing yourself and your own goals first, 2) an appropriate commitment by both parties and 3) putting effort into working at the relationship.

They might very well be YOUR top [...] Continue Reading Add comment If you have ever felt devastated by rejection, you are not alone.

Recent research shows why: our brains don’t know the difference between the emotional pain of being rejected and actual physical pain. While he was still checking her out, she was falling deeply in love.

He is a striking guy – tall, good looking, and fit.

He’s super kind and considerate of others, one of the many reasons he is a great leader and his team reveres him so much.I wrote and published my first book for singles, Be Your Own Dating Service, in 1996, and simultaneously launched the world’s first educational resource on the internet for singles, Singlescoach®.Since then, I've had the fulfillment of helping millions of singles as an expert on the intricacies of dating and love relationships, featured in national magazines and newspapers, on radio, and on national and regional television.They don’t randomly wander around looking at houses [...] Continue Reading Add comment If you think sexting is cool, think twice. Far too many women today think it’s okay for men to send them sexually explicit texts and messages, or to send them to men, and that is a real problem. Keith Ablow, I do not buy the notion that women and men are no different from one another sexually, and that the newfound freedom of women today to hook up frequently with random men is a positive thing.Sexting dehumanizes relationships, rendering them to pornographic images on a small screen, devoid [...] Continue Reading Add comment This season’s The Bachelorette had a few twists and turns, notably the dumping of Nick on the day of the final rose ceremony.I love writing and sharing insights through additional books, audios, and even my own internet radio show "Love Strategies." My newest book, Temptations of the Single Girl, is a unique parable style book that will transform your quest for a great guy.

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