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Between 20, Angolan companies and individuals poured 9 billion outside the country into often opaque investments, according to the Catholic University of Angola’s Center for Studies and Scientific Research in Luanda.Inside Angola, one of the world’s most unequal societies, half of the working population lives on less than .10 a day.

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In a 2013 interview, she told the Financial Times that she had had business sense from a young age and sold chicken eggs when she was just 6. dos Santos told The New York Times that the egg anecdote was meant “to show that since a young age I had an entrepreneurial spirit.”But in Angola, the story about the eggs fueled widespread ridicule and anger. dos Santos’s fortune was self-made, Marcolino Moco, a former prime minister of Angola, said, “It’s possible to make us laugh.

All her wealth comes from the fact that her father is the law.”The oldest child of Angola’s president, Ms.

It was an extraordinary turnaround for a country that had been dominated for centuries by Portugal, which exploited Angola for the slave trade and its natural resources, before falling into a long and costly civil war fueled by the Cold War.

But the oil boom disproportionately benefited Angola’s governing elite, who moved enormous sums abroad.

In a case that has angered the Angolan government, Angola’s vice president, Manuel Vicente, was charged in February with paying a $810,000 bribe to a Portuguese judge to quash a corruption investigation, the furthest an Angola-related case has moved in Portugal’s judicial system.

The vice president was accused of, among other things, laundering money by buying apartments in the “Angolans’ building” on the coast of Cascais. With billions invested in Portugal, including in some of its biggest public companies, the Angolans have bought Portuguese wineries, newspapers, sports teams and other trophies of the super rich.

dos Santos’s rule would eventually end — Portugal’s political and business elite more than obliged. He said it had been a “mistake” for one of his predecessors, responding to news media reports that high-ranking Angolans were being investigated in Portugal, to visit Angola and apologetically take the Angolans’ side. Silva said that Angola’s growing power was a positive development.

Unequal postcolonial relations, he said, would carry “the flavor of neocolonialism.”Portuguese business leaders say that Angolan investments unfairly attract the kind of scrutiny that money from elsewhere, including China, does not.

A group of lawyers has tried unsuccessfully to remove Ms.

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