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Given the continuing political turmoil in France and the possibility of a Bourbon restoration, he recommended against receiving Genêt as French minister—essentially, refusing to acknowledge the legitimacy of the French Republic.


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President George Washington summoned his Cabinet to Philadelphia to decide upon the proper course of American policy under these critical circumstances.

The Cabinet members agreed that the United States should stay out of the military conflict, keeping with the Revolutionary-era objectives of maintaining commercial relations with Europe while remaining aloof from purely European controversies and wars.

Jefferson insisted that the best course for the United States was to delay any formal action and use its economic leverage to force the belligerent powers (read: Britain) to "bid for [American] neutrality" on American terms.

* * * In the end, on April 22, 1793, Washington decided to issue what became known as the Neutrality Proclamation (although the word neutrality, at Jefferson's behest, did not appear in the document).

Still less is it charged with execution and observance of those obligations and those duties.

It is equally obvious that the act in question is foreign to the Judiciary Department of Government.

At the level of principle, Jefferson argued, the change in regime did not excuse the United States from its obligations to the French nation.

At the practical level, the French government was unlikely to invoke the treaty guarantees because it was in France's interest for the United States to remain a neutral carrier of vital supplies, especially foodstuffs.

It is charged neither with making nor interpreting Treaties.

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