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“Over the following months I came to understand the term better and realised that there was vastly more to it than the usual concept of soulmates.

One Sunday evening as I sat thinking about the emotional side of my nature I heard a voice say ‘That’s connected with a previous life.

In fact she’s never been born in the 20th century for Richard from Havant in Hampshire believes that he and his friends are in communication with his soulmate Lorelei with whom he lived many past lives. “At first she was upset that I gave my attention to someone else but gradually she’s coming around.

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This article is about reincarnation evidence and lovers from past lives.

You can read about famous cases of past life recall here Now read some of these real cases of love that has connected across the centuries: ‘The other woman’ in Richard King’s marriage is out of this world.

Most of this concerns the lives he’s shared with his soul mate Lorelei.

“My interest started in 1991 when I took part in healing workshop at the Healing Arts Festival in London” says Richard “We did some relaxation exercises and were then asked to visualise our spirit guides.

I was overcome by an eyrie feeling of dejavu as we walked down the paths.

Although I’d never been there before I realised that I knew every detail of the place.

And – here’s my plug – you can also get psychic reading on this website to give you insights into who you were in a past life.

If two different psychics were to say the same thing about a past life and it corresponds with your own spontaneous recall then it could stand as evidence that is suggestive of reincarnation.

I took Michael’s hand and to his astonishment was able to show him around the park.

I could tell him where the paths led and what we’d see when we turned each bend.

According to the legends she lived near the Black Forest at the famous crag that overhangs the Rhine downstream from Bacharach in Germany.

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