Accuracy of radiocarbon dating

Instead of hearing a startled goat, he heard the shattering of clay pottery.

Accuracy of radiocarbon dating

Their hope was that one day the scrolls would be retrieved and restored to the nation of Israel. It is at this time that the Qumran community was overrun and occupied by the Roman army.

The scrolls remained hidden for the next two thousand years.

Indeed, these were the most ancient Hebrew manuscripts of the Old Testament ever found, and their contents would yield valuable insights to our understanding of Judaism and early Christianity.

The Dead Sea Scrolls play a crucial role in assessing the accurate preservation of the Old Testament.

With its hundreds of manuscripts from every book except Esther, detailed comparisons can be made with more recent texts. 500 and 950 gave the Old Testament the form that we use today. With the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls, we now had manuscripts that predated the Masoretic Text by about one thousand years.

The Old Testament that we use today is translated from what is called the Masoretic Text. Until the Dead Sea Scrolls were found in 1947, the oldest Hebrew text of the Old Testament was the Masoretic Aleppo Codex which dates to A. Scholars were anxious to see how the Dead Sea documents would match up with the Masoretic Text.

He collected seven of the best scrolls and left the other fragments scattered on the ground.

Muhammad eventually brought some of the scrolls to a cobbler and antiquities dealer in Bethlehem named Khando.

Anticipating this moment, the Essenes retreated into the Qumran desert to await the return of their Messiah.

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