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I'm guessing she was served at a.m., because at our receptionist said that an irate Traci was on line three.

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Aside from the fact that Traci ripped my heart out, this shouldn't be a big deal.

My boss, Arnold Kramer, and I have worked together for 18 years. And not only is he smart, but he has no fear about hiring other smart people to work for him. Arnie seemed crushed when I told him that Traci had cheated on me and I was going to divorce her.

We lived in a no-fault state, both of us would want to do right by Allison, and both of us had our own pension plans we could each keep. Things looked so good I didn't have the heart to remind her that Jacques was the wine aficionado; I like my spirits distilled. When I got home, Traci and Allison were in the kitchen, still in the clothes they wore to the funeral.

I guess under pressure it's tough to remember everything about both of your lovers. because he had no clue his wife had two husbands." Viewing and the funeral were three days later, on a Monday. I went over to my daughter, who had driven in from college to attend, and tried to give her a hug; after all, she hadn't been home in about two months. At first, she recoiled at my touch, then she turned her back on me and moved away, crying softly.

"Up until you found out about Jacques and me, did I ever give you one reason to doubt my love for you? You absolutely got as much good sex as you wanted, and I made sure I took care of you in every way, physically, mentally, emotionally. "If you hadn't found out through some fluke, you would have gone to your grave loving me completely until your last breath. You've been intimate with him in ways you've been intimate with me. " "I had more than enough love for the two of you," Traci yelled back at me. Well, if she was going to make me pay by ripping my heart out, she accomplished her mission.

Not only wasn't she my child biologically, but she just made it abundantly clear she was no longer my child emotionally. On Tuesday I took some lost time, went to the bank and did the old split all the accounts into hers and mine.

I had caught her, and she admitted to, having a decades-long affair with her boss. "You can do whatever you like about having me served; I'm not giving you a divorce," she said with more than a hint of irritation in her voice. You don't love me as much as you say you do, because otherwise you couldn't have given yourself to another man, both body and soul. I wasn't man enough because I wouldn't have let you have a sex partner and semi-husband on the side? I wasn't stupid enough to let you do that to me willingly, so you made the decision yourself, for yourself -- yourself completely. Traci started blowing up my phone almost from the minute I walked out. I had to give Allison credit for one thing, though: unlike her mother, she wasn't pretending everything was going to be all right.

"The bottom line is you love me and I love you, and I won't let you go. You're being stupid and going to ruin the best thing you've ever had, all because your pride is wounded." I started to respond, but she wasn't done and cut me off. You knew it was wrong, so you kept it hidden from me. "Bad enough you've been having sex with another man for two decades, but you admit to me you also love him. Don't you see that every ounce of love you gave him you were stealing from me? Somewhere along the line she decided I was the asshole in this play, and she was going to make me pay.

By degree, I am a chemist, so unlike most of the guys in my industry leading sales, I actually know how the products are made and exactly what they do.

I've even been involved in creating one of our products, Cockcrazitol, a pill which helps lower women's libidos for those who are too highly-sexed.

OK, if she was no longer my child in any sense of the word, then let her real father pay for her. Mike said he didn't see a problem with any of it, but if Traci was really adamant about not getting a divorce, a judge could impose mandatory counseling and there could be a protracted back and forth.

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